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Mac OS X Cloud Backup Solution for your Business

Nuabee’s Backup solution for Mac OS X for business is an external backup in the Cloud. It allows you to restore your Mac OS data quickly, safely and easily if you need it.

Presentation of our Mac OS X Backup service for your business

UCover backup solution for Mac OS X is an economically and reliably solution to Backup all your business Mac workstation. Your data is encrypted and our solution use a file-level granular restoration, you can select the file to restore or restore all your data. UCover backup for Mac OS X is available for Mac 10.8 and later version

Main features of our Mac OS X Backup service for your business

Efficient and optimized backup for your Mac OS workstation

Incremental backups are realized during the week and full backups during week-end. So that your business activity won’t be impacted during work hours.

Mac Backup optimisation : UCover Backup use block mode to optimize backup times and bandwidth usage. Your data is compressed to reduce the storage cost, data overload and help with bandwitdth limitation.

Data safety is our top priority

Data encryption : Your data is encrypted from the start of the backup, with an 256AES key, that your are the only one to know.

Backup storage in secure Datacenters : Datacenters are ISO27001, ISAE3402, PC-DSS certified.

File-level granular restore

For each of your Mac workstation you can choose to restore all of your files or only select a few.

Restore to another Mac OS Workstation

Restoring your Mac backups can be done on your original Mac workstation or to a new Mac OS workstation.

Definition of backup strategy

Multiple backup strategies are available

A backup agent for Mac OS X is installed on your Mac workstation. You can choose the frequency of incremental and full backup, the files to backup and their retention policy.

Our daily missions for UCover’s clients, fully managed Backup and DRP

daily backup monitoring
Monitor backups into the Cloud

Launch DRP and Cloud Recovery tests

DRP users reconnection
Check users reconnection to your Cloud DRP fallback sites
Alert when there is a problem

Alert when an issue comes from your side (disk space, …)

Advise on your DRP

Advise on your DRP perimeter evolution

UCover’s solution for DRaaS ans Cloud backup

  • Critical servers 

    These critical machines need a quick recover with daily up-to-date data, often less than 4 hours. Those servers needs our DR protection tier.

  • Important servers 

    These machine have to be backed up in the Cloud regularly and need a recovery time under 1 or 2 days. Those servers need our Cloud backup with recovery tests tier.

  • The others servers 

    These machines are not critical for your business continuity. They need to be backed up in the Cloud regularly and can be recovered in a few days. Those servers need our Cloud Backup tier.