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How can you trust your Disaster Recovery Plan ?

Disaster recovery is a meticulous exercise that requires precise preparation. Then, how can you be sure that the day you need to activate your Disaster Recovery Plan, everything will work as expected? You need to trust your Disaster Recovery Plan.

Key points to trust your DRaaS

UCover’s DRaaS follows several principles that ensure your IT recovery works as well as a functionnal network and restarted servers:

Test your backups


Test your Disaster Recovery Plan

Twice a year

Test users connection to fallback site


First step :  Regularly test your backups

At Nuabee, we consider that our work is to be able to restore and restart servers, not just backup them.

Nuabee’s DRaaS offers semestrial or annual regular recovery test. You can be sure that your DRaaS will work when needing it.
Also, regular and automated “Dry Run” are realized, wich are regular backup recovery test to detect abnormalities. When a problem is detected, an alert is automaticly sent to Nuabee’s operation team and your team. It allow us to fix problem really quickly.

Second step : Complete Disaster Recovery test

During DRaaS tests, we recover all the Client environments:

  • Servers
  • Networks
  • Safety rules

And obviously, we are testing users ability to reconnect remotely!

Schema fonctionnement draas

Third step : Users reconnection to Cloud fallback site

To reconnect user to the fallback site, there are 2 solutions :

  • An appliance to reconnect users to fallback site in the Cloud, called Nuabee Cloud Acess. It allows you to reconnect your infrastructure in the Cloud via internet network
  • Through a VPN server in your Cloud tenant, you can reconnect your users to the DRaas

Keep your DRaaS under control at all times, Trust UCover

UCover’s Disaster Recovery solution adapts to your business needs. To ensure this, UCover has 3 progessives protection tiers, to match each server criticity. The Disaster Recovery Plan tier provides maximum protection for your most critical servers that require recovery in a matter of hours.