Cloud Disaster Recovery Cost Reduction

UCover allows you to decrease the cost of your DRaaS. It makes it the perfect DRaaS solution for mid-size companies. Our 3 protection tier is one of the reason, with Cloud model and process industrialization.

Economic DRP : Paying only what is used (IaaS)

Essentially disk space, since outside of test periods and effective activity continuity, there is no ressources usage.

  • 24€ / month / TByte of saved data on average
  • During test periods, the average daily cost of a Windows Standard VM (2 vCPU, 8 Go RAM, 100 Go de disque) is 3€

Pay less thanks to technical ressources mutualization and process industrialization.

modèle facturation traditionnel et Cloud

DRaaS processus fully indutrialized to reduce costs

Infrastructure as a code

UCover by Nuabee uses IAC (Infrastructure as a Code) fot its processes. Thanks to this method, UCover cost less than a traditionnal DRP or other DRaaS solution.

UCover by Nuabee, the innovative DRaaS solution

The solution you need to protect your IT, allowing you to adapt your DRP solution according to your comapny needs, with the 3 protection levels.