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Manage the externalization of a DRP or a Backup in “as a Service” mode

A Disatser Recovery Plan in th Cloud offers lots of advantages, including simplification from a technical and financial point of view, but not only.

Why choose a DRaaS for Disaster recovery solution?

Centering the activities of the IT Team on the core aspect of the company is a major goal in big corporations.

There is two solutions : the first one is to internally manage the DRP, the second one is to externalize the management of the DRP to an external provider

Externalization often mean going to a “business model” based on variable costs linked to the company comsumption instead of fixed costs to buy the infrastructure and maintain it.

Small and medium companies are rather late on this model when they don’t always have a local IT service. When using an “as a Service” solution they can focus on the core of their business

Risk sharing or transfers

In every externalization, including the DRP or backup one, it’s not about a transfer of risks but a shared-responsability between both sides.

These shared responsabilities must be written and acknowledged by the provider and the client to specify their duty.

Matrice RACI Plan de Reprise d'activité Cloud

The impact of the RGPD – European reglementation on personal data protection

Like every other provider, starting in may 2018, Nuabee will have new duty regarding :

  • The protection of data since their conception and by default (privacy by design) :
    • for the provided services
    • for the access of cloud-based applications
  • The accountability of provided services
  • A security obligation and notification of personal data breach
    • If Nuabee see a breach in one of his client’s personal data, Nuabee has to warn him