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Unknown backup state ? A restoration test is the only way to know what’s up

Saving datas without performing restoration tests isn’t serious ! Every trimester, we hear during security meeting, stories of backup restoration that did not end well : unreadable saves, incomplete saves, backup restoration that took many days..

How to improve the trust in your backups ?

The solution : A semestrial or annual test of your backup in a secured environment

PRA schrodinger
  • To divert the Schrödinger experience, in which a cat have 2 different state at the same time : dead or alive, we can affirm that a backup also have those two same states and it’s only during the restoration that we know the real state of the backup.

  • Unfortunately, traditional restoration test of a server’s complete backup are not easy :
    • It takes times for the IT team of the company
    • it uses IT local resources (disk, computing power,…)

Why do you need to choose Cloud backup with recovery tests tier to protect your servers ?

Cloud backup with recovery tests tier

from 35 € per month per server
  • Backup server
  • Cloud and local restoration
  • Fully managed services
  • Recovery tests
  • RTO and RPO commitment
  • Biannual DRP tests
  • End-user reconnection tests
  • Cloud backup with recovery tests tier is the UCover’s intermediate protection class.

    This tier matches for servers that are important to your business. These can be considered critical without the need to recover them immediately.

    They must be able to be restarted within 24 to 48 hours after a disaster or an incident.

    What is the difference between recovery test and restoration test?

    Classical Backup test only ensures that essential data is being fully and accurately preserved. This does not guarantee that the server can restart normally.

    Our UCover test is based on a recorery mecanism with up-to-date data. Once the machine is launched in the Cloud, we verify that services are working as on the source machine.

    UCover provides at least an annual restoration test.