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One console to monitor yor entire UCover solution, DRaas and backup

UCover’s unique monitoring console allows to manage all tiers protection (Cloud backup with or without recovery tests and DRaaS).

Backup’s synthetic vues on the monitoring console

Home view of the management console show backup information 

  • Backup status and DRP perimeter replications
  • Global DRP perimeter (numer of servers, servers in DRP, backup with ou without recovery test)
  • Openned tickets
gif console accueil

Synthesis of backups and DRP for each server

console liste serveur

This console gives you all the information about your servers from DRP protected servers to backup protected. Backup status, depending on their solution Backup. For each server :

  • If Servers is in DRP perimeter (with their RTO/RPO), in backup with test or backup without test
  • Machine OS
  • Servers location
  • Specifics procedures for DRP testing if necessary
  • Servers location
  • Track your hybrid backups simultaneously locally and in the cloud
    • For each machine, you instantly see if a server has a problem. Both for local and remote backups.

All recovery tests reports are available on the monitoring console

console rapport de test

For each recovery test, a detailed report is provided. This detailed report indicates:

  • Recovery test
  • Server global recovery times and each separated disks recovery times
  • Open ports on the server 

UCover’s console demonstration video

What level of protection to choose for your server?

  • Critical servers 

    These critical machines need a quick recover with daily up-to-date data, often less than 4 hours. Those servers needs our DR protection tier.

  • Important servers 

    These machine have to be backed up in the Cloud regularly and need a recovery time under 1 or 2 days. Those servers need our Cloud backup with recovery tests tier.

  • The others servers 

    These machines are not critical for your business continuity. They need to be backed up in the Cloud regularly and can be recovered in a few days. Those servers need our Cloud Backup tier.