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Flexible Engine by Orange Business

Secured international public Cloud by Orange Business

Orange Business  announced Flexible Engine in mid-2017 as their worldwide public cloud solution based on OpenStack. This public Cloud is aimed at european companies from all sizes, especially those who are present internationally.

Flexible Engine’s infrastructure is now deployed in France (3 datacenters) and in North of Europe in Amsterdam (3 datacenters).

The goal is to offer an alternative to american giants at a worldwide level.

Flexible Engine is the product of a collaboration between Orange Business and Huawei

Flexible Engine Cloud d'orange

Flexible Engine contributions to Nuabee’s Cloud solutions

Flexible Engine aim to satisfy companies with a “legacy” IT system while being able to deliver “native cloud” services.
It is possible to migrate the whole IT system of a company without having to “redesign” it, and to optimize it progressively later, using FE’s included components and cloud advantages (scaling-out, containerization, database as a service,…)
To migrate IT system, Flexible Engine offers :

  • Booked machines over 1/2/3 years allowing cost reduction reaching 50% compared to a monthly location model
  • Bare Metal servers to run applications
  • Link between an Orange MPLS and a Flexible Engine tenant (or VPNaas solution)

Nuabee solutions adaptation to Flexible Engine

Nuabee already adapted its solution to this new public cloud. For companies and public players, Nuabee, as an Orange Business Services partner, offer to guide them through the deployment of backup solutions, disaster recovery plan and migration to Cloud computing in the public Cloud.
We study with you the most adapted solution according to your priority and your constraints.

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