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File Cloud backup solution

File backup mode also known as filed-based storage allows you to backup by selecting a portion or all the files. This mode is available for WindowsLinux et Mac OS.

File backup mode allows you:

Backup unit files

using filter mechanisms to exclude files (size, type, extension, date, …)

Archive files

Using specific storage mechanisms (cold or warm storage)

restore one or many files

using numerous criteria (date, version …)

File backup is available for:

Server backup


And for this environments:



Mac OS

UCover’s many criterias available for backing up your files


  • Traditional backup (daily, weekly, …) with a backup schedule,
  • Real-time backup (files are saved when they are modified): backup in block mode


To save your data entirely or only specific folders


Choose to backup certains type of files or to exclude others (e.g. videos )

upload de fichiers

File Backup features With UCover

File backup offers many additional options for setting up backups.

  • Backup plan using a calendar or real-time,
  • Backup with Windows VSS allowing a coherent save of data while they are used by an application,
  • Data compression to reduce the size of the saves and transfers,
  • File versioning management (number of saved version, purge delay),
  • Data protection through encryption with a unique key only known by you,
  • Block-level backup, reducing over 90% the needed bandwidth,
  • Optimal bandwidth usage planification
  • Distant access to your backup on Internet through a secured web panel

Other UCover’s Backup modes:

System Image backup

Backup an entire volume

Hypervisor backup

Realize VMs snapshots