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System image Backup and Cloud recovery

Image Based Backup allows you to take a snapshot of a part, or the entierety, of an operating system, with all it’s applications and data. The backup is saved as a set of data called an image. It enables recovery in case of hardware failure or migration and malware. Additinnal features enable fast recovery and bandwidth optimization.

System Image Backup for Windows

Image Based Backup enable a full server recovery in a short and simple operation. It doesn’t need that:

  1. The recovered system be identical to the origin
  2. The destination hypervisor be the same as the original one

Image Based Backup for Windows Key features

Used technology :

  • Uses Windows and / or third party VSS providers

Bandwith optimization :

  • Data compression : reduces backup size and bandwidth usage

Selective Backup : Files and Folders Exclusions

  • Backup versionning : configurable number, age and purge delay of backup

Compatibilité de la sauvegarde Image

  • Compatible with Bitlocker encrypted drives
  • Available on Windows from Server 2008R2 to Server 2019 and Windows 10

Backup Recovery

  • Restore to a virtual Hard Disk file, a physical disk or a VMWare guest VM

Optimisation de la bande passante

  • Optimized incremental backup, with advanced planning to match uplink bandwidth availability
  • Scheduling backups manage at best bandwidth

Data security

  • Data protection through encryption with a unique AES key only known by you
  • Data storage on certified data centers : ISO 27001, ISAE3402, PCI-DSS.

Image Based backup use cases

Generaly used for the OS part of the backed up systems.
Recovery of coherent partitions, taking into account the NTFS filesystem state with it’s fragmented state
Backup and recovery of partitions containing database stores

UCover’s others backup modes

icone fichier

File backup

Hypervisors backup