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DRaaS easy deployement due to our industrialization and the Cloud

Disaster recovery set up is a complex exercise, it can easily become a headache if you don’t have the necessary expertise and resources. This is one of the reason why turning to managed DR solution. Automated solution is now the best way, quicker, safer, simplier, it allows you to benefits from a complete approach, an agile methodology and industrialized process.

A simplified deployment thanks to an agile methodology and industrialized process

Nuabee’ solutions like Disaster Recovery as a Service, backup with or without recovery tests are easy to deploy. It is thanks to our expertise and our industrialization that we can implement thoses solutions very quickly, without pain for you. You just need to know your machines information and we manage the rest.

Thanks to 15 years of experience in IT security and activity continuity, Nuabee can achieve an impact balance-sheet to:

    • Define your business-specific needs
    • Determine restart delay (RTO) and data freshness (RPO)

    Our project methodology allows these steps to be carried out in a few days. We have main Disaster Recovery Processes template documents allowing to:

    • Building your DRP
    • Activating your DRP
    • Organising crisis unit
    • Updating and evolving your DRP 

    This allows us to simply deploy your Disaster Recovery Plan matching your infrastructure.

    Infographie déploiement PRA

    Industrialized processes that make DRaaS deployment easy

    In order to perform regular DRaaS testing at competitive prices, all our testing processes are industrialized. We perform several tests that are fully scripted and automated:

    • Regular internal tests called “Dry Run” which very regularly check the backup recovery on a backup panel and allows us to check the validity of our code.
    • Server Restore Tests: Each server is restored and restarted, applying the final changes needed for each disk.Les tests de restauration des serveurs. We confirm serveur’s correct upload by a port scan.
    • The launch of Disaster Recovery Plan test: In this last mode, all constraints are managed, dependencies between machines (for example the file server needing the domain controller to start), recovery of Gateway to the Cloud (NCA Gateway), as well as the recovery of the machines themselves. This mode is similar to the one used during the actual DRaaS activation in order to simulate efficiently.

    Use of Agile methodology to industialize DRaaS process

    UCover solution is based on your infrastructure modelisation as objects (servers objects, volume objects, network objects, security objects, … ).
    These objects stored in databases allow us to describe in a very simple and agile way all of the objects relations and to be able to add or remove a server, a network, a volume very quickly. This is what we call “Infrastructure as a Code (IAC)”.

    Infrastructure as a code