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Hypervisor backup or agentless backup

Hypervisor backup, also known as agentless backup, allows you to backup and restore virtual machines without installing agents in your protected servers. Hypervisors are included in UCover’s DRaaS solution.

Solution available on:

UCover covers both traditionnal infrastructure (on premise) and Cloud infrastructures (public or private). The covered environnements are:

  • Virtuals machines (VM)
  • Physical Servers
  • VM via hypervisors (VMware and Hyper-V)
  • Workstations
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Microsoft Hyper-V
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Vmware ESX(i)

Main UCover Backup features for hypervisors forVmware and Hyper-V hypervisor

Schema mecanismes sauvegarde hyperviseur
  • Different strategies to backup VMs: running VMs, by groups,…
  • Restoration on the original hypervisor or on a new one
  • Data encryption using AES script
  • Block-level backup
  • Differential backups

Other UCover by Nuabee backup modes:

icone fichier

Files backup

Backup unit files
icone disc

System Image backup

Backup an entire volume