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Linux server backup and recovery solution in the Cloud

Linux backup by Nuabbe is an external backup solution in the Cloud. It allows you to safely backup and restore your linux servers.

Sometimes laborious, and expensive, backing up your Linux environments is time-consuming for your Chief Information Security Officer. With Nuabee’s Linux server backup and recovery solution, we can save you valuable time while keeping your data safe, with fast and efficient recovery when required.

Features of Nuabee’s Linux server backup solution

The implementation of Linux servers backup

Schema de la sauvegarde Linux par la solution UCover

Backup strategy building

Nuabee Backup, our backup software allows you to plan your backups: differential or full backup frequency and data retention policy.

Initial Full Backup

An initial full backup of your machine is executed, data is compressed and encrypted before being sent to Cloud storage.

Installation of Linux backup agent

A Nuabee Backup agent for Linux is installed on your machines.

Features of Nuabee backup for Linux

  • Scheduling backups
  • Management of data retention
  • Differential backups during the week: only modified files are updated in the Cloud storage
  • Full backup on week-ends to not disturb your infrastructure
  • Backup management and monitoring via a centralized console.
  • Compression and encryption of data before being sent to Cloud storage

Linux server backup for Disaster Recovery Plan in the Cloud

GNU/LINUX backup context in DRP mode

Alternative proposed by Nuabee on Linux machines

Contrary to Microsoft systems, GNU/LINUX operating systems don’t have “image” backup mecanisms like VSS for Windows. Most of the time, backups done on GNU/LINUX system are application backups (data base / website / folder). This is an inssue in a disaster recovery context, as the system has to be restarted

Nuabee for Linux use a complete backup of the operating system, implemented by the Relax-And-Recover program.
It enable the storage of the complete GNU/linux system in TAR archives, which are then sent to a file server. Combined with Nuabee Backup for Windows, it’s possible to save an entire GNU/Linux pool of hosts in the Cloud.

The architecture of ReaR (Relax and Recover) backup in Nuabee’s DRP context

In order to integrate Linux server backup in UCover, Nuabee’s DRP solution, the backup structure has to be a bit specific. Backups done through ReaR are exported on a NAS or an internal filer. Then, Nuabee Backup software encrypt and upload data to the Cloud on a regular basis.

ReaR Backup features

  • GNU/Linux system full backup
  • Generation of an automated rescue system ISO
  • Differentials backups to optimize bandwith
  • Backup retention management
  • Logs are sent to your storage container
sauvegarde ReaR pour UCover