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Our Cloud Backup solutions for Microsoft Windows environment

Microsoft Windows systems are the core of Nuabee’s backup and restoration strategy. Therefore many backups mode are available to match your Windows infrastrusture.

Backup solutions for Microsoft Windows environments

Windows Server
PC Windows
Microsoft Hyper-V
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

Nuabee’s solution available for Microsoft Windows Environments

Machine and VMs Backup solution →

Many incidents can damage your data, Nuabee Backup provide a fully managed Cloud Backup and Restore solution. This solution works with multiple other environments (Linux, Mac)

Backup solution with recovery tests →

Most of the time, SMEs have backups that are never tested. This leads to unpleasant surprises during data recovery. This Backup solution tests your backup recovery every 6 month. It allows users to trust their backups in time of disaster or data loss.

Cloud Disaster Recovery Plan (also called DRaaS) →

Is your business ready in caes of cyber attack or natural disaster? A Cloud Disaster Recovery Plan provide recovery of your critical environment few hours after a disaster, while ensuring low costs compared to traditionnals DRP and high-performance process industrialization.

Commons features for all Windows environments

Bandwidth Optimization

  • Block-level backup to optimize backup speed.
  • Scheduled Backups allow a better management for bandwidth or real-time backup.
  • data compression to optimize storage space and backup speed.

Optimum data protection

  • Data protection through encryption with a unique AES key only known by you.
  • Data storage on certified datacenters : ISO 27001, ISAE3402, PCI-DSS.

Backup monitoring console

  • Backup monitoring and management via a single console

Remote access to backups

  • Remote access to backups via a secured web portal

Cloud Initial loading services provide by Nuabee :

  • Data is encrypted before loading
  • Data uploading up to 300 Mb/s
  • Initial loading is done by a special NAS : NuaBulle, in case of large amount of data

Cloud Backup mode for Windows environments

Imabe Base Backup

  • Fast recovery
  • Bitlocker compatiblity
  • Use of Windows or third-party VSS
  • Covers Windows Server 2008 to 2019
  • Optimizing bandwidth

File mode:

  • Filename encryption
  • Use of Windows VSS to backup locked files
  • Advanced retention management
  • Real-time backup or schedule backup

SQL server mode

  • Full or differential backups
  • Backup of transaction logs
  • Use of Windows VSS to backup opened databases
  • Covers SQL server (2000 to 2019) and MS SQL Express

Exchange mode

  • Use of Windows VSS to backup opened databases
  • Granular recovery of mailboxes
  • Cover MS Exchange from 2007 to 2019
  • Recovery to .edb file