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UCover’s tier : Cloud backup with recovery tests

UCover’s Disaster Recovery solution adapts to your business needs. To ensure this, UCover has 3 progessives protection tiers, to match each server criticity. Cloud backup with recovery tests tier matches the need of a medium critical recovery need.

Cloud backup with recovery tests features

Secured data

Your data are secured through data encryption and storage in highly secure data centers, including ISO 27001, ISAE3402 et PCI-DSS.

Recovery tests

A recovery test is performed annually for your servers in Cloud backup with recovery tests tier. Tests repports are available in the console.

100% managed

UCover is 100% managed by Nuabee’s operational team, who ensure Business Continuity Management Maintenance Program, monitor backups and recovery tests.

A monitoring console

This monitoring console allows you to : monitor backups and DRP tests, see test repports and ask for DRP perimeters evolutions.

Why do you need to choose Cloud backup with recovery tests tier to protect your servers ?

Cloud backup with recovery tests tier

from 35 € per month per server
  • Backup server
  • Cloud and local restoration
  • Fully managed services
  • Recovery tests
  • RTO and RPO commitment
  • Biannual DRP tests
  • End-user reconnection tests
  • Cloud backup with recovery tests tier is the UCover’s intermediate protection class.

    This tier matches for servers that are important to your business. These can be considered critical without the need to recover them immediately.

    They must be able to be restarted within 24 to 48 hours after a disaster or an incident.

    What is the difference between recovery test and restoration test?

    Classical Backup test only ensures that essential data is being fully and accurately preserved. This does not guarantee that the server can restart normally.

    Our UCover test is based on a recorery mecanism with up-to-date data. Once the machine is launched in the Cloud, we verify that services are working as on the source machine.

    UCover provides at least an annual restoration test.

    How the server restore and recovery tests work ?

    Tests automation

    Recovery tests of server images and data (files, databases, Exchange data, etc.) on the Cloud are automated according to the role of the server :

    • Domain contoller, DNS, WEB server …
    • Checking files by consistency check

    Regular recovery test

    Restore and recovery tests do not impact your IT production because the dedicated restore server are in the cloud.

    Recovery tests are automatically scheduled according to their criticality. You are notified directly in the console and you have access to the test report.

    Fully managed solution’s daily missions for our clients

    Monitor backups into the Cloud

    Automate server’s Cloud Recovery tests

    Correct any errors in the Recovery tests

    Alert when an issue comes from your side (disk space, …)

    Advise on your Backup policy evolution

    What level of protection to choose for your server?

    • Critical servers 

      These critical machines need a quick recover with daily up-to-date data, often less than 4 hours. Those servers needs our DR protection tier.

    • Important servers 

      These machine have to be backed up in the Cloud regularly and need a recovery time under 1 or 2 days. Those servers need our Cloud backup with recovery tests tier.

    • The others servers 

      These machines are not critical for your business continuity. They need to be backed up in the Cloud regularly and can be recovered in a few days. Those servers need our Cloud Backup tier.