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Cloud Backup Protection tier

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UCover by Nuabee protects IT infrastructure companies of any sizes, allowing them to benefit from server protection, easily implemented in Cloud. UCover offers 3 Protection tiers for your applications to correspond to your business needs . The Cloud Backup Protection tier allows restoring your data locally and preventing its loss.

Why backup your servers in the Cloud?

Many incidents can occur and damage your data, not always of malicious origin, a handling error can lead to the same disastrous consequences: loss of data, impact or even shutdown of business activity. Every trimester, we hear during security meeting, stories of backup restoration that did not end well : unreadable saves, incomplete saves, backup restoration that took many days..

Why choose UCover’s Cloud Backup protection tier ?

Cloud Backup Protection tier

from 20 €per server per month
  • Backup server
  • Local Restore
  • Fully managed services
  • Recovery tests
  • RTO and RPO commitment
  • Biannual DRP tests
  • End-user reconnection tests
  • Backup server protection tier allows outsourced backup in the Cloud and restoration of your data (granular or total).

    The goal is to prevent data loss by ensuring regular and automatic backup as well as timely restoration of your backups.

    UCover Backup solution is efficient and can guarantee rapid IT Business Recovery to its customers by combining the advantages of the Cloud with our information security expertise.

    Features of the Cloud backup protection tier

    Data encryption

    With unique encryption key

    Backup Compression

    for bandwidth Optimization

    Fully managed solution

    by our teams

    Backup reports

    Available on console or by mail

    Retention policy

    customizable by server

    Different backup mode

    Image / Database / Files / ….

    Backup frequency


    Number of version

    is backed up for each file

    Which needs are not covered by the Cloud Backup protection tier?

    For you more critical servers, it’s important to regularly test the recovery of theses servers, to ensure their integrity and get a guarantee of the faithful and complete restoration of data in the Cloud. The cloud backup solution does not cover these needs.

    Cloud Backup with regular recovery tests
    is the most suitable tier.

    icone cloud avec abeille

    Monitoring and administration of your UCover solution

    The UCover Console allows you to monitor and administer your entire UCover solution.
    This central administration console allows you to monitor and administer in real time your backups, restoration tests and to request changes to your perimeter (add a server, delete, change protection tier,. ..).

    Our daily missions for UCover’s clients, fully managed DRP

    daily backup monitoring
    Monitor backups into the Cloud

    Launch DRP and Cloud Recovery tests

    DRP users reconnection
    Check users reconnection to your Cloud DRP fallback sites
    Alert when there is a problem

    Alert when an issue comes from your side (disk space, …)

    Advise on your DRP

    Advise on your DRP perimeter evolution

    What level of protection to choose for your server?

    • Critical servers 

      These critical machines need a quick recover with daily up-to-date data, often less than 4 hours. Those servers needs our DR protection tier.

    • Important servers 

      These machine have to be backed up in the Cloud regularly and need a recovery time under 1 or 2 days. Those servers need our Cloud backup with recovery tests tier.

    • The others servers 

      These machines are not critical for your business continuity. They need to be backed up in the Cloud regularly and can be recovered in a few days. Those servers need our Cloud Backup tier.