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The promise of Cloud Computing for small and medium companies

The position of the IT Director according to the size of companies : observation

In large companies

  • Surveys conveyed in big companies show that executives expect a lot from Information Systems and digital : innovation, transformation, collaboration and agility
  • The observation is that IT directors now spend less than 25% of their times managing their technical infrastructure, to focus mainly on innovation in the company, structure new product, encourage collaboration between employees and their partners, digital development…

In small and medium companies

  • By contrast, It should be noted the strong technicity of IT directors in small and medium companies, and globally the energy deployed to keep up to date IT infrastructures that are becoming more and more complex.
  • In small and medium companies, two third of the time is dedicated to keep the IT systems up to date and working. Only the remaining third is dedicated to the amelioration of work efficiency, and the deployment of new projects.

How to dedicate more time to jobs and less time managing the low level of the IT Infrastructure?

The promise of Cloud Computing for small and medium companies : regain time and flexibility to dedicate it to core business.

Temps services métier avec une infrastructure Cloud

Some small and medium companies have already adopted Cloud Computing : For example on some peripheral applications, to test a new application, … But very few small and medium companies moved the core of their IT infrastructure in the Cloud, because the model is too recent and the learning curve is slow. However it is those applications that uses 80% of the time of their IT team to exploit the infrastructure.

Moving in to Cloud Computing is not an end in itself and certaintly isn’t a technologic goal, it’s about going from an IT expert culture to actually serving the client.

Note : We used the term “small and medium companies” but Cloud Computing can apply to every type of structures and organizations.

But how to take the next step to start using the Cloud for small and medium companies? Without heavy investments or exploitation overload ?

Nuabee’s promise : Automate and industrialize to reduce the cost of Cloud DRP and improve the trust through regular tests

The power of Cloud is to allow Infrastructure programming or “Infrastructure as code”

We develop our Disaster Recovery Plan infrastructure through a IAC (Infrastructure as a Code) model :

  • Client’s IT architectures are built as templates that allows us to start a DRP test using a simple script

It allows us :

  • To easily test DRP as it’s only a matter of launching a script
  • To increase the frequency of DRP tests (half-yearly or monthly if needed)
  • To create new tests models (dry run for backup restoration tests)
Infrastructure as a code