The Backup Protection Class with Recover Tests

Nuabee offers a Cloud DRP that adapts to the needs of businesses, of all sizes, for all environments.

For this, Nuabee has 3 progressive protection tiers to meet the criticality of each server.

The Backup Protection Class with Recover Tests corresponds to a need for regular verification of the capacity to fully restart this server in an IT disaster recovery context, with a medium criticality recovery in terms of timelines.

Features of the Backup Class with Recover Tests
Biannual Recover Tests
An automated restart test is carried out biannually. Restart test reports are available on the console.
100% Managed Backup Solution
The solution is managed by Nuabee's teams who ensure operational maintenance, backup monitoring, and test execution.
A Dedicated Monitoring Console
This console allows you to administer your cyber resilience solution: monitor your backups, consult the restart test reports, and request changes to the project scope.
Secure and Encrypted Data
Your data is encrypted at the source with a key that only you hold and is stored in data centers certified under ISO 27001, ISAE3402, and PCI-DSS, among others.
How the Restoration and Restart Tests of servers in the Cloud work
Industrialization of Restart Tests The restoration tests of server images and data (files, databases, Exchange, etc.) in the Cloud are automated according to the server's role:

Domain controller,
DNS, web server, etc.
File verification through consistency checks.
Planning of Restart Tests The restoration and restart tests do not impact your production because the server dedicated to restoration is in the Cloud.

Once the restoration of your environments and the restart of your machines and VMs are finished, you can access the test reports directly in the console.
Restart Test Reports The reports are available in your console.

They contain the restoration times for each disk, the complete server restart time, and the detected open ports.

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