Budget estimate for a Nuabee Cloud DRP

The form below allows for a budget estimate of a Nuabee Cloud DRP project.

This is a simplified budget estimate that does not take into account:

  1. The specific telecom part: connection to an MPLS, use of a managed SD-Wan via appliance, SASE solution, etc.
  2. The treatment of security appliances: the need to restart a security appliance identical to the existing one on-site
  3. The potential need for short RTOs: the need to have delays of less than 4 hours on certain applications, etc.
  4. Specific servers : such as Linux physical servers with large Oracle / PostgreSQL databases, etc.

For an accurate quote and a financial proposal, you need to send us an email at sales@nuabee.fr to describe your project and we will send you a detailed qualification file.

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