A Fully Managed DR Solution

Nuabee is a managed solution incorporating regular recovery tests in the Cloud for the DRP protection classes and backup with tests, tailored to the chosen protection class (default is biannual).

These managed services support the Client at every stage of the project.

During implementation:

This step includes:

  • A project design and launch phase with:
    • The development of data backup strategies, especially to ensure compliance with RTO/RPO in a DRP protection context.
  • Transcription of client architecture components (server characteristics, disk size, IP addressing, etc.) into data in our console.
    • Preparation of the necessary elements for IT disaster recovery tests (bounce server, connectivity box (option), implementation of the Direct Connect link (option))
  • A solution deployment phase with:
    • The creation of Cloud spaces
    • Installation of backup software and its configuration for the servers
    • Installation of backups and their configuration for the servers
    • Creation of project elements in database
    • The first DRP test (initial IT disaster recovery test)

Under normal operation

The monthly subscription to the services covers:

  • The provision of backup agent licenses including updates for new versions (minor and major),
  • The consumption of Cloud space storage
  • Monitoring of backups outsourced to the Cloud
  • For servers in the backup protection class with tests, the performance of automatic server restart tests and the production of the individual test report
  • For servers in the DRP protection class, data restoration with:
    • Server restarts and activation of the backup platform to allow Client teams to conduct functionality tests of applications at a frequency defined in the proposal
    • The production of test reports, accompanied by any necessary corrective actions within Nuabee’s scope of action.
  • Support for the use of the Nuabee solution.
    Organization of VM restoration tests and DRP tests according to the frequency defined with the Client

Activation in disaster recovery mode

This service is performed on a flat-rate basis for VMs in the DRP protection class or as technical assistance for VMs in the Backup protection class with tests.

Nuabee's contact

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