Why managed services mode for Cyber-resilience

Cyber-resilience: why choose managed services ?

The Context for Ensuring Security and Resilience In a context where cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated and the world is experiencing unprecedented technological changes, there are numerous challenges to overcome in order to ensure the security and resilience of your information systems.

At the same time, the skills required to operate the necessary protections and manage software resources are highly specialized and in short supply in the labor market.

For these reasons, managed services become necessary to operate effective security services within controlled budgets.

The Reasons for Using Managed Services in a Backup and DR Context There are numerous advantages for companies, regardless of their sector of activity.

These managed services, which include the management, monitoring, and execution of backup and disaster recovery processes, offer an extensive range of benefits essential to the continuity and security of operations.

Reasons for choosing managed Cyber-Resilience services

Here are some key reasons why companies choose to use managed cyber-resilience services:

  1. Technical expertise: Managed service providers have teams specialized in backup and disaster recovery planning, utilizing best practices, technologies, and strategies tailored to the specific needs of the business.
  2. Cost reduction: By outsourcing these services, companies avoid costly investments in dedicated infrastructure and specialized personnel, while benefiting from a pay-as-you-go payment model that allows for better cost predictability.
  3. Regulatory compliance: Managed service providers ensure that backup and disaster recovery processes comply with current standards and regulations, thus reducing the risk of non-compliance for the company.
  4. Improved reliability: Thanks to robust cloud infrastructure and regular testing procedures, managed services guarantee rapid and reliable data and system recovery in the event of a disaster, thereby minimizing downtime.
  5. Focus on core business: By delegating the management of backup and disaster recovery, companies can focus on their core activities and the improvement of business process operations, while being assured that their data is protected and recoverable when needed.
  6. Scalability and flexibility: Managed services offer the ability to adjust resources and service levels according to the evolving needs of the business, without requiring additional investments.
  7. Protection against modern threats: Managed service providers implement backup and disaster recovery solutions that incorporate the latest technologies to protect against ransomware, cyberattacks, and other emerging threats.
  8. Access to the latest technologies: Managed services allow companies to benefit from the latest innovations in backup and disaster recovery without having to manage the complexity and costs associated with acquiring and maintaining these technologies.

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