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How to set up your DRaaS with Public Cloud approach

Alternative to conventional Disaster Recovery Plan, the Disaster Recovery as a service is in expansion. Thanks to its rapid implementation, practicality and lower associated costs this solution is appreciated by small and Medium-sized businesses.

4 phases of UCover’s DRaaS continuous approach

1. Planify:

  • Depending of risk scenarios, define the choice of backup method to the Cloud
  • Planify the DRaaS deployment

4. Upgrade :

  • Periodically review the DRaaS perimeter
  • Add or remove the applications that needs to be added or removed
Démarche PRA Cloud

2. Deploy :

  • Apply data backup plans (locally and to the Cloud) for the DRaaS
  • Test unitary components of the DRaaS
  • Transfer datas
  • Ensure skills transfer

3. Control

  • Setup the backup test plan
  • Test parts of the DRaaS
  • Review the monitored elements

Detailled steps during the first execution of an outsourced DRP

  • Phase 1 : Planify
  • Phase 2 : Deploy
  • Phase 3 : Control
  • Phase 4 : Upgrade

Fully managed solution’s daily missions for our clients

surveillance des sauvegardes
Monitor backups into the Cloud
tests PRA

Automate server’s Cloud Recovery tests

reconnexion du PRA Cloud

Correct any errors in the Recovery tests

Alert when an issue comes from your side (disk space, …)
Support PRA Cloud

Advise on your Backup policy evolution

Monitoring and administration of your UCover solution

The UCover Console allows you to monitor and administer your entire UCover solution.
This central administration console allows you to monitor and administer in real time your backups, restoration tests and to request changes to your perimeter (add a server, delete, change protection tier,. ..).