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How does UCover’s Disaster Recovery as a Service work?

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Alternative to traditionnal Disaster Recovery Plan, Disaster Recovery Plan as a Service is a growing solution due to remarkable recovery speed, simple implementation and the decrease of associated costs. It’s the perfect solution for SMEs and Mid-CapDRaas solution allows companies to prepare for IT risks and ensure a quick resart of their IT infrastructure.

What is Disaster Recovery as a service ?

It is a complete service provided and managed by a specialized company, the components are Cloud-based and guarantee data recovery when required. Make your company cyber-resilient!

DRaaS : THE solution for SMEs and Mid-Cap

Most SMEs and Mid-Cap don’t have the time or the resources to trust their Disaster Recovery Plan. DRaaS is THE solution for them. It allows companies to avoid investing in new infrastructure while being functional, complete, and secure.


thnaks to regular DRaaS tests

Save time

Thanks to full monitoring service

Cost reduction

Thanks to the utilisation of adapted ressources

Benefit from advice

From DRaaS and backup specialists

Disaster Recovery mechanisms in the Cloud

A Cloud native technology

Cloud computing virtualization technologies allows to backup servers images system.

Automated Recovery

Automated processes allow rapid recovery of environments while limiting human intervention.

Optimized Solution for Cloud

A backup solution optimized for the Cloud, ensuring data protection.

Client Rescue Plateforme

Connection to rescue client space in the Cloud to prevent a shutdown of IT.

Keep control of your solution with the monitoring console

UCover Console allows you to monitor and managed your entired Ucover solution. The all-in-one administration console provides backup monitoring, recovery tests results and perimeter evolutions requests (add or delete a server, switch the server’s protection class).

Our daily missions for UCover’s clients, fully managed DRP

daily backup monitoring
Monitor backups into the Cloud

Launch DRP and Cloud Recovery tests

DRP users reconnection
Check users reconnection to your Cloud DRP fallback sites
Alert when there is a problem

Alert when an issue comes from your side (disk space, …)

Advise on your DRP

Advise on your DRP perimeter evolution

Our actions as DRaaS provider, with fully managed services

UCover’s DRaaS provides you with a fully managed productive service on the Cloud :

Replications implementation

of server image and data production

Solution implementation

DRaaS ans Cloud backup

Maintenance in Operational Condition

descibed below

IT Recovery

In cas of DRaaS activation

If needed :

recovery of network elements

If needed :

Restore configuration functionality

Disaster Recovery as a service impact on Business costs

As the Public Cloud expands, the maturity of Cloud-based backup solutions and new network architectures solutions allow the development of new backup plan solutions.
These solutions exploit the main benefits of the Public cloud: elasticity, pay-as-you-go and therefore lead to decreases costs for infrastructures.