Prevent IT risks with Nuabee

Ensuring business continuity and protecting your business against IT disasters and cyberattacks has become essential. The cloud disaster recovery plan is the solution to guarantee a recover of the IT infrastructure and applications.

Protect your business with Cloud disaster recovery solutions

In today’s digital landscape, businesses face constant IT risks. Our cloud disaster recovery plan ensures a rapid recover of the IT infrastructure after interruptions.

Why choose us ?

Our managed cloud disaster recovery solutions provide peace of mind and uninterrupted business operations.


Ensure business continuity and protect your data with our reliable cloud disaster recovery services.

Guarantee the continuity of your activity!

Flexibility of our DR solution
Thanks to the 3 progressive tiers of protection and the ease of changing classes.
Confidence in your DRP
Thanks to server recover tests and semi-annual DR tests
Security of your DRP
With data encrypted and stored in highly secure European data centers
3 protection tiers
On average 50% cheaper than traditional DRP solutions

Nuabee customers are winning!

Nuabee, the innovative DR Cloud solution

The solution to protect your entire infrastructure, with 3 protection tiers that allow you to adapt your level of protection according to your needs.

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